• Ian Crocombe

Never stop improving

It doesn't matter which case study you use - the turnaround of Scandanavian Airlines, the Gold Medal successes of the GB Cycling Team or Lao Tzu (and there are loads of others), the rule of 1% or the theory of marginal gains is a powerful way of bringing continuous improvement to life with spectacular results.

It's easy to understand. Think of all the things you, your team, Charity or SME do. What if every one of those things was 1% better and then 1% better again. What if every process, every user or customer interaction, every colleague interaction, every training module, every meeting was continually getting 1% better. That's game changing.

Creating a culture of relentless 1% improvements, empowering and supporting everyone in an organisation so they can join in, tracking the tangible benefits; well that involves  alignment to an organisations strategy, effective communication and change leadership, great people engagement and deploying practical tools and techniques that can be used and experiences shared across the organisation.

Don't forget, at the same time, the iandi approach provides the perfect framework to maintain a view across the organisation to ensure the raft of small changes deliver big improvements in a joined up way.

That's what we do, that's a lifetime's worth of learning and experience ready for sharing, so let's chat about how we can bring lots of 1% improvements to life in your charity or SME.

​The Lao Tzu thing? He coined the quote about a journey. of a thousand miles beginning with a single step. Contacting us could be your first step ...


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