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Looking for some free resources?

With SMEs and Charities under severe income / cost pressure, wouldn't it be great to get your hands on some free resources ?

Well, here's an idea.

Just have a look at the years and variety of experience that are across your organisation right now. Include your Board members, Trustees, Employees and Volunteers.

By the way, my experience is that finding this out and mobilising it is a great way for leaders to engage, enthuse and better understand their people too.

I guarantee you'll be amazed not just at the total number of years, but more so the range and variety of knowledge and skills that people have gathered over their lives.

So few organisations a) have this level of insight about their people or b) have the means of releasing all of this fantastic resource.

Why not do something brilliant and make use of the expertise that's already around you!

As always I'm ready to help.

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